Vortex Plastique: Introduction

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An exhibition of and about plastic (in the environment)

The title, Vortex Plastique, makes reference to the North West Pacific Gyre - an area of the ocean where currents entrap discarded plastic. Jones created the photograph (lower right image) depicting a circle of plastic floating in the ocean. It became the iconic image for the exhibition. Three thousand four hundred and twenty-one bags were braided and coiled into a carpet. It has been exhibited as public art, (lower left image) in an effort to raise awareness of how we can improve.

Jones suggests that one of the easiest ways we can reduce plastic consumption is to bring reusable cloth bags when shopping. Of the estimated 380 billion plastic shopping bags used each year in the United States only 1 percent is returned for recycling. But that is only part of the problem. These plastic bags are not really viable as recycled material. It is the artist's hope that this artwork will spark conversation and thought about the how we can change our daily routines to make better choices as consumers.


child with carpet
vortex plastique image
Paddle for clean Water Festival, 9 / 2008
Vortex Plastique, pigmented inkjet print 54 x 36 cm. 2008