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Amazon (drying)

amazon (drying) illustrations

Plastic Materials:

artificial plant leaves
corrugated sheet
nylon rope
barrier ground cloth
caution tape “danger”
hot glue
plant stake
gravel bag
trash bags
fruit baskets
freight straps
fishing line
PVC pipe
epoxy glue
bird whistles
net fruit bags
bottle caps
newspaper bags

Size: 52 x 72 x 21 inches

Facts from GREENPEACE report that the Amazon rain forest is suffering one of the worst droughts in decades.

Communities are cut off because boats are unable to navigate the shrunken river. Deforestation is responsible for a quarter of global greenhouse gasses. Fewer trees mean less moisture rises into the air. This in turn reduces the clouds which drop rain back in to the forest. Its a vicious circle. One way we can help is to make sure our wood and wood products come from sustainable forests.

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